We call on those states responsible for the invasion and occupation of Iraq to terminate their illegal and immoral war, and express our solidarity with the Iraqi people in their struggle for peace, justice and self-determination.

In particular, we demand:

  1. An immediate end to the US and UK-led occupation of Iraq;
  2. Urgent action to fully address the current humanitarian crises facing Iraq’s people, including help for the more than three million refugees and displaced persons;
  3. An end to all foreign interference in Iraq's affairs, including its oil industry, so that Iraqis can exercise their right to self-determination;
  4. Compensation and reparations from those countries responsible for war and sanctions on Iraq;
  5. Prosecution of all those responsible for war crimes, human rights abuses, and the theft of Iraq's resources.

We demand justice for Iraq.

This statement was adopted by the Justice for Iraq conference in London on 19th July 2008. We plan to publish this more widely in future. If you would like to add your name to the list of supporters please contact us.

Monday, 7 January 2013

a delegation from the PMSI joins Anbar protesters

Press Release by the Popular movement to Save Iraq, led by Oday Al Zaidy, brother of the journalist Muntadhar Al Zaidy
 These Images and banners below  raised in Anbar governante  terrorized the Maliki government and prompted her to put her head in the sand

After that fabricated claim in their disreputable media showing an image of a young man said to be from Anbar crush a banner with the name of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him ) 'The Pilgrims of Abu AlAhrar'; a delegation of the Popular Movement to save Iraq, which includes dozens of pilgrims from Karbala arrived to join the protesters of Anbar. It had in its   possession tens of banners bearing the name and picture of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).
As soon as we arrived, we were given a very warm welcome by the Champions rebels, valiant sons of Anbar who took up our banners and raised them high. They raised us on their shoulders and began singing (God is greatest oh (imam)Ali we do not want Safavid commander). This stance made the blood freeze in the veins of the ANWAR sectarian TV channel and all the other sectarian media with sinister agenda of spreading discord and strife. It made them a joke among other channels.
We salute the Anbari heroes and God bless visitors ABU ALAHRAR and the Curse of the sectarian and came out of customers. U.S. and Iran
These images will move with the delegation to
coalesce the prophet's grandson Hussain followers with Saladin in Mosul and shame on the true descendants of Rustam and Chosroes ...
and may God support the believers
Uday al-Zaidi
Popular Movement to save Iraq
Rebellious Anbar 3/01/2013
Best Regards
Tahrir Swift
From: عدي مهدي

                             بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

 هذه الصور واللافتات التي رفعت في الانبار ارعبت الحكومة وجعلتها تضع رئسها في
 التراب فبعد ان فبرك اعلامهم  الاصفر صورة لشاب قيل انه من الانبار  يسحق على لافتة كتب عليها اسم الحسين عليه السلام توجه وفد من الحركة الشعبية لإنقاذ العراق والذي يضم العشرات من الزوار من كربلاء  الى المظاهرة وبحوزته عشرات الصورواللافتات التي  تحمل اسم ورسم الحسين عليه السلام وحال وصولنا الى الاعتصام تلاقف الابطال الثوار ابناء الانبار الباسلة اللافتات  والصور ورفعوها على الاكتاف وبدأوا ينشدون ( الله واكبر يا علي منريد قائد صفوي ) وهذه الوقفة جمدت الدماء بوجوه القائمين على قناة الانوار الطائفية وغيرها من قنوات الشر والفتنة وجعلتهم اضحوكة بين القنوات الاخرى فحيا الله اهل الانبار الابطال وبارك الله بزوار ابي الاحرار وتبا للطائفية ومن جاء بها من عملاء .امريكا وايران 
وستنتقل هذه الصور مع الوفد لتلتحم مع احفاد الحسين ع في صلاح الدين والموصل وليمت احفاد رستم وكسرى بغيظهم ...والله ناصر المؤمنين 
عدي الزيدي 
الحركة الشعبية لإنقاذ العراق 
الانبار الثائرة 3/1/2013

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