We call on those states responsible for the invasion and occupation of Iraq to terminate their illegal and immoral war, and express our solidarity with the Iraqi people in their struggle for peace, justice and self-determination.

In particular, we demand:

  1. An immediate end to the US and UK-led occupation of Iraq;
  2. Urgent action to fully address the current humanitarian crises facing Iraq’s people, including help for the more than three million refugees and displaced persons;
  3. An end to all foreign interference in Iraq's affairs, including its oil industry, so that Iraqis can exercise their right to self-determination;
  4. Compensation and reparations from those countries responsible for war and sanctions on Iraq;
  5. Prosecution of all those responsible for war crimes, human rights abuses, and the theft of Iraq's resources.

We demand justice for Iraq.

This statement was adopted by the Justice for Iraq conference in London on 19th July 2008. We plan to publish this more widely in future. If you would like to add your name to the list of supporters please contact us.

Monday, 25 October 2010

The Secret Iraq Files

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SIUI said...

Please note how Iyad Allawie and his allies talk about the human rights violations that were happening under their nose being ' unconstitutional'. I wonder how do they characterise the appalling human rights violations that took place during Allawie's premiership? the attacks on Fallujah and Najaf that he has personally authorised let alone the campaign of arbitrary arrests and failing to protect Iraqis in US custody?